Anonymous asked:

hey ur art is too cool, do u feel like u had some kind of progress through time??? or u always were this good, also on your traditional art how do u make it to look clean and stuff, and what program do u use for digital????? u r such an inspiration keep on going with ur thing!

thank you so much ahh you’re too kind!! i’ve definitely made progress, even if some of my current art is sloppier or “easier to draw” than things i made years ago i’m happy with it because i’m not trying to prove i have the skills to draw certain things, i’m making what makes me happy instead if that makes sense? so yeah. 

mm i scan my drawings and then use photoshop to tweak them a little, i alter the contrast and levels but that’s it really? i try to be careful as hell with the pen too so my lines don’t look terrible, and for digital art i use paint tool sai!